Terms and Conditions of Conference Papers 

1.    Studies should not exceed 6500-7000 words.

2.    Abstract of studies should be written within 200-250words and include the content of the study attached with three to five keywords.

3.    Idea of the studies should be within the framework of the major and additional themes of the conference.

4.    Studies should not have been presented in previous scientific conferences or previously published.

5.    Studies can be submitted with one of the formal languages of the conference which are: Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, 

       and English.

6.   Studies must be written according to academic methodology and should include title, abstract, keywords, 

       conceptual and applied frameworks of collecting and analyzing research data besides results, conclusions and references.

7.    Techniques of academic articles should be taken into consideration in writing studies in any language. For example, the font of titles must be (16), contents (14), and footnotes (12) in Calibri-body font.

8.   The first page of the studies should include some principal information, including the study title, full name of the researcher, academic title of the researcher, mobile number and email of the researcher.

9.   Following academic reviewing of all studies by reviewers, all accepted studies will be presented in the conferences' 


10.  All accepted studies will be published on the special online journal of the conference. Later researchers can use them for academic promotion.

11.  Abstracts and studies in Word format attached with a copy of academic profiles of researchers should be sent to the conference email.

12.  Researchers take responsibility for linguistic corrections of their studies.